Sadhu Sundar Singh – He Walked With God


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A stirring account of a young Sikh man who, prior to becoming a Christian, was so antagonistic towards anything Christian he completely burnt a Bible. Singh was suddenly and soundly converted after a period of intense seeking after the true living God. Brought up in a strict Sikh family, his conversion occasioned an immediate, intense opposition, to the point that his family poisoned him. God preserved him, however, and used him mightily. With a heart heavily burdened to give the love of Christ to those who have never even heard of His salvation, Singh accomplished twenty arduous missionary journeys to the people of Tibet, often enduring severe North-Indian winters. He preached Christ also in the Muslim strongholds of Baluchistan, Afghanistan, and Kashmir – areas fraught with danger, and filled with religious bigotry. While suffering the loss of all things, and being attacked for his preaching, in one case being sewn into a sack and left to die; in another, being thrown into a well and locked in, Sundar Singh experienced many divine interventions and signal instances of God’s favor.


Author: Joshua Daniel

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