Pressing Forward


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In this, the second volume of Joshua Daniel’s autobiography, we see the strengthening and deepening of Joshua’s faith, and the consequent ever-widening circuit of his revival ministry into London and various regions of England, Germany, Northern Ireland, Eire and Wales, and the United States. Joshua recounts the unique and powerful revivals that took place in the Hebrides, Farmerstown, Ohio, and other areas. Several large campaigns and crusades are detailed, some of them involving world-famous evangelists. This book has enriched many lives, as it focuses on the practical and real-life manifestations of God’s stedfast love and power being manifested afresh in many areas of the world, in modern times. Skeptics, atheists, and the cold of heart may criticize or discredit efforts at evangelization or Christian ministry; but Joshua’s testimony in this book tells us that when God is trusted and obeyed in all His requirements, lasting revival will surely follow. A ‘must-read’ for those contemplating any ministry who truly desires to see the lasting results of revival.


Author: Joshua Daniel

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