Be Alive – NT Commentary on JOHN 1-12


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Get to know the Living Saviour – Follow Jesus and find Life Everlasting

When Jesus spoke, people listen. When Jesus traveled, people followed. When Jesus arrived, hearts and lives were transformed. No other gospel paints such a vivid picture of Jesus as the Son of God. The first three gospels describe events in the life of Christ, but the gospel of John describes the significance behind those events. Through miracles, parables, and relationships, Jesus shows how He is the fulfillment of God’s promises of old. He is the Word, the Light, the Lamb – the eternal Son of God. Let the humanity of Christ move you as your joys and pains, and let the deity of Christ awaken you to the life He has planned!

Author: Warren W. Wiersbe

Publisher: David C Cook

Number of Pages: 196

Dimensions: 210x140x11mm

Book Format: paperback

ISBN: 9781434767363


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